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Education: Why Quality over Quantity is Key

Posted on November 14, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Luci Iley

Many people believe that the number of years they spend studying dictates how ‘good’ their education is. This is simply not true. The quality of one’s education relies more on the value of the knowledge learned, the experiences gained and the personal growth throughout the course or qualification. There are three main factors in a quality education;

The Knowledge

The knowledge imparted during a course or qualification is probably the most important part of education, as it allows students to go on to provide evidence of their learning once the course is finished – opening opportunities such as job offers and even further education.

The best knowledge is imparted by experienced and professional teachers, often industry experts or individuals who have been intensely involved in the furthering of the field of study. The best tutors are people who are passionate about the subject, and who wish to see the next generation succeed and continue their work. When these people teach students, they are much more engaging and their students learn much faster, often finding themselves sharing in their teacher’s enthusiasm themselves.


Whilst many courses are distanced, courses and qualifications which involve hands-on learning, or a more practical side are usually more engaging and allow students to learn faster, with their eventual understanding being much more in-depth.

The reason for this is that each student learns in a different way, whilst theoretical information may be enough for some students, research has shown that many individuals prefer to practice what they are learning; this may be the practical formulas in accountancy or the analysis of real-world statistics within the marketing sector. No matter the subject, a well-rounded presentation of information and activities produces better overall results from students.

Personal Growth

Most students undertake a qualification to further their understanding of a subject or to open themselves to new career and educational opportunities. Many students find that studying a subject they have an interest in can also develop a more niche passion – often leading to further education with a more targeted subject. This allows students to go on to become specialists in their fields, as well as growing a deeper passion within many students.

For a mix of these three important educational factors, why not browse our available courses and qualifications to find out what we can offer you?

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