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When Project Management Meets Change Management

Posted on October 12, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

Changes are inevitable within any organization and these need to be managed effectively to ensure they don’t adversely affect the business. Some typical types of changes are a merger with another business, rebranding or downsizing. Project management provides the structure to ensure this happens, while change management focuses on the people side of the change and how it will impact on individuals and departments. Change management and project management are most efficient when they work together for the good of the organization and it is important for project managers in particular to understand this. When project management meets change management and they work well together, there are many benefits.

Common Goal

In order for a project to be completed successfully, it is essential to have the support of staff and this is where change management and project management can work well together. If change management is implemented effectively, staff will be supportive of the change and thus, the project will be more likely to be successful. Everyone is working towards a common goal, which is essential for a project to be managed effectively.

Identify Risks

Any change can cause potential risks to a business and through combining change management and project management, these risks can be identified quickly and the overall impact of this on the business can be determined. Project managers can incorporate these risks into the management of the project and ensure the negative impact is minimalized.


Change management ensures employees know what to expect from the change and how it may impact them. For example, if the organization is merging with another company, change management would ensure that employees know how this will affect them and will be communicated with throughout the change. When the two work together, the project team will be aware of reactions to the change and will be able to integrate this information into managing it successfully.

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