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Top Leadership Qualities Every Facilities Manager Should Possess

Posted on October 4, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Joanne Jeffries

A great leader, they say, is made, not born. This means that you can learn how to lead, inspire and encourage people to perform better. But how do you go about it? These are our top 10 traits of a leader.

  • Praise

Employees understand the need to perform better - it is a personal goal as much as a business one. People want their contribution to be valued. Stop telling people to be better but instead praise them for contributing, pointing out how they solve problems etc.

  • Purpose, not profit

Your business needs to make a profit, but by understanding their contribution makes a difference, as well as contributing to how financially the company is doing, is far more inspiring.

  • Understand different personalities

Your employees are not all the same. Everyone has different attitudes and behaviors. As a leader, you need to understand how all these characters fit together, giving the best result that they can.

  • Constantly learning

A leader who stands still or chooses not to learn will find inspiring others difficult. Learning and development is a constant process. People want direction that is to the point, and not lectures awash with meaningless buzzwords.

  • Innovate

To create impact, your business needs to innovate – and your employees want (and need) to be part of this powerful process. But to do this, people need the right tools and resources – and you are expected to identify what these are.

  • Natural talent

Success is not necessarily inspiring in itself, but stretching, challenging and developing people’s natural abilities are. Don’t be frightened to allow people to change and grow.

  • Ownership is not the same as…

… accountability. When an employee feels accountable, they can feel under pressure. But when they feel they are part of the ownership of the company and its service, this is a powerful and emotive tool.

  •  Respect AND recognition

Respecting your employees and their work is far more powerful than recognition alone. By instilling this in your employees, you will have a far more productive workplace.

  • Personal growth

An inspiring leader will, without question or hesitation, encourage, nurture and facilitate the personal growth of every employee.

  • Trust AND transparency

Leading and inspiring people is about creating relationships that are based on mutual trust, just as much as they are on transparency.

In Summary

Leading and inspiring people should be part of the way you manage and interact with people, a skill that can be taught and practiced. Practical guidance for leadership is included within the FMP course.

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