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Time is Money – But Why?

Posted on October 16, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Luci Iley

We all know that time is valuable, and, as the saying goes, ‘time is money’. But what is it that makes us equate time with money, rather than other valuable items?

The basis of this come from the business industry, where every minute and every activity counts towards the ultimate aim of generating a profit – any time lost results in a loss of profit for the company, so how can we make sure that our time – both professional and personal – is used in the most efficient ways?


Making the Most of Your Time

Understanding the value of time is an important first step to using it wisely. Spending time doing productive activities is the best way to utilise time to your advantage, but that does not mean that your life has to be all work and no play. Valuable ways to use your time include; taking time for yourself, looking after your own mental and physical wellbeing, spending time with family, friends and loved ones and getting enough sleep.

The best way to make sure that your time is used wisely is to form a routine, so that insignificant tasks become automatic and do not use too much energy to complete – saving the rest of your time for more important activities.


Learning to Prioritise

                Prioritisation can be difficult for many people – having to decide which tasks are most important, when they are all due to be completed soon can feel like an impossible riddle to answer – but it does not need to be that hard.

Segmenting your time each day can be a major help when it comes to prioritisation. If 9AM-11AM and 12PM – 4PM are set as ‘work’ time – then work-related tasks become a higher priority than household chores. Whereas, if you have set 6PM-9Pm as ‘family’ time, then helping your children with their homework should be placed above checking your e-mail during those hours.

Many of us, when faced with a big opportunity, will automatically think of all of the reasons to say ‘no’. Retraining yourself to find time to take these opportunities will open the door to bigger and better things in your future, so learn to say ‘yes’ and fit the important opportunities into your schedule. Making time is better than regretting a lost chance at success.


Taking note of the above tips can really improve your overall efficiency and make you more productive when you need to be. A Morgan Itl. Course may be the big opportunity you need to increase the value of your time and help you toward success.


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