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The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Is it For You?

Posted on October 3, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Kate Rawdon


Lean Six Sigma is a simple set of tools and methods for making any business as profitable and efficient as possible. By maximizing profits, and minimizing costs, a business can be completely transformed for the better through teaching employees the Lean Six Sigma principles.

How Lean Six Sigma works

The processes within any business are the key to its success or failure, because they all affect the bottom line. What Lean Six Sigma teaches are measurable and strategic ways to improve any process within a business that can be improved.


Through use of statistics, analysis and lasting change, Lean Six Sigma methods lead to measurable positive changes.

Who is it for?

Lean Six Sigma training can help employees at all levels to contribute to the overall success of their business. Employees can learn logical and effective ways to measure, analyze and improve the parts of the business they’re involved with, changing the fortunes of the whole organization.


Although it’s vital that staff who are in high and strategic positions understand and use the Six Sigma principles, it’s actually a great idea to give all staff access to the basics.


This means they can understand and contribute to the overall direction of the business, and can even progress with more training, taking on more responsibility for implementing the Six Sigma principles.

Level 1: The Yellow Belt

The first level of training is the Yellow Belt Program. It’s a must for all managers and high level staff on their way to gaining their Green and even Black Belt certification.


Managers and employees at all levels can benefit from Yellow Belt training, including: Quality coordinators, Technicians, Inspectors, Assemblers, Quality Auditors, Installers, Operators, Trainers and Warehouse operators just to mention a few.


All staff involved with the processes within a business have a part to play in Lean Six Sigma methods, and that’s why this program is universally useful.

What you’ll learn

As part of the Yellow Belt training, you’ll learn all about Lean Six Sigma teams and roles, as well as the specific language and tools. You’ll also learn the tried and tested ways to define, measure, analyze and control processes.


Every skill you learn is effective and versatile, so it can be used to help any business. Enroll on our program now, and see your business - and your personal skillset - improve in a drastic and measurable way.


Morgan International offers the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in partnership with BlueSkye Track and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Explore the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course outline in more details here.


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