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The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: Is it For You?

Posted on October 23, 2016 11:00 pm;

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Lean Six Sigma is a simple set of tools and methods for making any business as profitable and efficient as possible. By maximizing profits, and minimizing costs, a business can be completely transformed for the better through teaching employees the Lean Six Sigma principles.

How Lean Six Sigma works

The processes within any business are the key to its success or failure, because they all affect the bottom line. What Lean Six Sigma teaches are measurable and strategic ways to improve any process within a business that can be improved.

Through use of statistics, analysis and lasting change, Lean Six Sigma methods lead to measurable positive changes.

Who is it for?

Through the more basic Yellow Belt training, all employees can learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma and can contribute to the success of the overall strategy for their organization.

But it takes a more in-depth and hands-on level of training for managers and team leaders who will be responsible for leading and implementing change.

The more responsibility the employee has within an organization, the more advanced Lean Six Sigma training they should have - this more advanced training is a must for all key mid and high level employees when it comes to an organization’s success.

Level 2: The Green Belt

The second level of Lean Six Sigma training is the Green Belt Program. All managers and high level staff should have this training, either as an end in itself or on their way to gaining their Black Belt certification.

Some of the people within your organization who can benefit from Green Belt training: Quality Managers, Production Managers, Operations Managers, Service Managers, Engineer, Finance Managers, Project Managers, Owners, Training Managers, Directors of Training, IT specialists, Health care practitioners, Consultants and Managers, just to mention a few.

What you’ll learn

The Green Belt training is very practical, because it prepares staff for an active role in identifying an organization’s problems and working towards permanent fixes.

Green Belt training shows staff how to collect data, lead on projects, guide teams and put Lean Six Sigma methods into practice for the benefit of their business.

It's incredibly valuable training to bring to any organization, and can also significantly improve your personal value in the job market. So enroll on our Green Belt program today, and watch your career prospects take off.


Morgan International offers the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in partnership with BlueSkye Track and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Explore the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course outline in more details here.

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