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Technical HR vs. Strategic HR: Are Both Essential?

Posted on October 19, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

Over the years, the function of HR has increased significantly from basic personnel administration to an imperative department within every organization. Even in small organizations, there will be some kind of HR function, even if is outsourced on an as and when required basis. HR are now responsible for recruiting key talent into the organization, managing employee relations, and generally improving the success of the business. In many cases, businesses would fall apart without the support of HR. In general, HR is composed of both technical and strategic HR.

Technical HR

HR is responsible for managing employee pay and benefits, which can be very complex. In order to do this effectively, it could be argued that there is the need for strong strategic HR support. Strategic HR is concerned with implementing and managing policies and procedures, as well as being able to answer complex questions from employees. A strategic HR will constantly monitor the financial side of HR, to ensure the company remains competitive and that improvements are made along the way.

Strategic HR

On the other hand, strategic HR focuses on managing the recruitment process and taking care of the employment relationship. Strategic HR will focus on the overall goals of the business and develop training and performance to ensure staff are aligned with business goals. They will also be involved in managing any changes within the business.

Do we need both?

The need for both would depend on the size of the organization. Strategic HR is necessary for any organization, as it is imperative that recruitment is managed effectively and that employee relations are kept at a high standard. These essential functions will ultimately determine the success of the business. A large organization, however, will have the need for both strategic and technical HR, as they will have a large number of employees, all working in different roles and with different benefits. A small organization will probably have terms which will apply to all staff across the board, so there will be less of a need to have both strategic and technical HR in place. Strategic HR, however, is essential.

Whether you are looking to develop your strategic or technical HR, or both in your organization, it is worth considering offering staff the opportunity to pursue the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification program. This can help staff to learn valuable information regarding policies, recruitment and talent management.


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