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So You Want a Career in Supply Chain?

Posted on October 15, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Rebecca Langdon

This particular career has many job titles, some doing the same job under different names, and of course, many different variations. To name a few; procurement manager, procurement analyst, supply chain manager, contract manager, sourcing manager, vendor manager, and the list goes on. The one thing they all have in common is that the day to day job involves the management of the supply chain, whether holistically or just one particular element. An individual who is interested in undertaking any one of those roles, and wants to keep their options open, would be encouraged to undertake the CSCP accreditation. The reason being that it covers a wide breadth of material compared to other courses, which equips the candidate with a broad skill set when they are looking for an exciting new role.

What will you learn?

The syllabus is broad, so there is always something to keep you interested. The core areas are:

  • Supply chain design
  • Developing the supply chain strategy and designing the supply chain
  • Supply chain planning and execution
  • Procuring and delivering goods and services
  • Managing supply chain relationships
  • Managing reverse logistics
  • Supply chain improvement and best practice
  • Standards, regulations, and sustainability
  • Managing risk
  • Improving the supply chain

In Summary

The CSCP programme is the most widely recognized educational program for operations and supply chain management professionals globally. It is easy to see why, and if you are interested in finding out more then please contact us at Morgan, or take a look at the website.

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