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Essential Soft Skills to Attract Hiring Managers

Posted on October 10, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

Soft skills are general skills which are more about social capabilities than technical ability. They are characteristics and attributes possessed by candidates which can help to determine their overall ability to perform well in their role. Although soft skills can be taught, it is not as easy to do this as it would be for technical skills. For example, some candidates will leave University with great technical skills, however, through a lack of experience in the working environment, they may not possess the necessary soft skills. These are some of the most important soft skills which attract hiring managers.


Although it is important for employees to have the technical knowledge and ability to perform in their role, they also need to be able to communicate well with other people. A hiring manager does not want to recruit an individual who wants to just sit at their desk, do their work but not engage with other people. They want employees who will fit in to the culture, will get along with their colleagues and will communicate well with clients. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are one of the most important soft skills which hiring managers will seek from candidates.

Positive Attitude

There is nothing worse than an employee who is constantly complaining about their job (or just life in general!) This negative attitude can quite quickly affect everyone in the workplace and it can lead to a lack of motivation and low morale within the business. One person with a negative attitude can bring everyone else down, so hiring managers will look for those individuals who are motivated, positive and have a happy demeanor.

Strong Work Ethic

In general, a strong work ethic is not something that can be taught. It may be developed over time but most people either have this, or they don’t. There is no point in hiring a candidate who is great at their job, but never turns up or is continuously late. This suggests a lack of professionalism and dedication to the company. This can also start to affect other employees, as they will need to pick up the workload. Hiring managers are attracted to those who not only demonstrate their ability to perform in the role, but also those who have the work ethic to get up on time and turn up for work, without excuses.

Problem Solving

Although it is perfectly acceptable to just be able to perform in the role, hiring managers are more likely to recruit someone who can demonstrate their ability to come up with innovative ideas to solve problems. This soft skill can really help to drive the business forward.

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