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Why Choose To Take a Live Class Over Other Forms of Learning?

Posted on September 26, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Morgan International Staff Writers

While self study is one option for reaching certification, live classes offer a range of benefits that you won’t find by simply opening up books alone at home. If the thought of going back to ‘school’ feels slightly daunting, it certainly shouldn’t, because this is one way of ensuring you get all the help you need to push your studies forward.

For the past 19 years Morgan International has been training people to achieve professional certification and this experience is distilled in each of its live classes, where students interact with an instructor receiving real-time insight and feedback.

But why choose to take a live class over other forms of learning? There are many answers to this question. For one, it provides a great framework to students who require structure and guidance in their studies.

The value of the people leading the classes should also not be underestimated. Not only are they selected for their experience and qualifications, but most of them are also working professionals. This means that what they share with you goes far beyond academic definitions: they can provide you with real-life case studies and perspectives from the workplace, something that you won’t find in your textbooks. Additionally, their certification means that they’ve already sat the exams you will be studying for – in other words they’ve been in your shoes, know how it feels, and can give you tips and hints to maximize your exam preparation.

Of course while your instructor is a goldmine in terms of what you can learn, your co-learners also bring something to the table. A live class gives you the opportunity to interact with other professionals, opening up networking possibilities and useful contacts for your future career. The presence of other learners just like you in your class also creates a mutually beneficial environment, where each person’s input brings gains to the others. Whatever questions they raise will bring with them answers and a fresh perspective from your own.

And let’s not forget: the value of joining a live class goes far beyond the actual time you spend in the classroom. Booking with Morgan International brings with it peace of mind, knowing that from the time of your registration up until to the day of your exam you will be receiving follow-up, guidance and support, as and when you need it.


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