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Why A/B Testing will Streamline your Campaign Results

Posted on September 11, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Managing a digital marketing campaign calls for a great deal of planning, a constant setting of

numerous measurable goals, an avalanche of unending data, and astute analytical skills. In most

cases you will be juggling short-term targets and long-term targets in order to streamline your

campaign for ultimate return on investment. Analysis at the end of any cycle of the campaign allows

you to determine performance and making informed changes where necessary.


A/B testing accelerates campaign adjustments

In the world of marketing, we are constantly considering how the audience may respond to any one

promotion or communication. However, it would be wrong to consider a complete advert is useless

if it does not produce positive results. There may be elements within it which are turning your target

market off. Once these elements are modified you may have a sure fire hit on your hands.


Where A/B testing is essential is it can allow you to test more than one promotional scenario at any

one time, clarify held theories, and accelerate overall campaign adjustments. This in turn allows you

a direct comparison to work with and it allows you to find the most effective approach in double

quick time.


Testing a hypothesis

A/B testing is also known as split testing and is basically the same as creating a control experiment to

test a considered hypothesis. If we believe a certain element (X factor) may have a positive effect on

marketing results, we create 2 campaigns which are exactly the same except for the fact that one of

the campaigns will include the X factor. By comparing data at the end of the campaign we get a clear

idea how much the X factor has contributed to overall results.


For instance, consider email marketing. You may create a stunning promotional email but if the

recipient is not tempted enough to click on the “title” they will never see it. A/B testing can be used

to try out different title lines at the same time. Results can be compared and the campaign can be

effectively streamlined.


An insight into client behaviour

Importantly, A/B testing also gives a clear and unique insight into your client’s behaviour and those

insights can be used across all of your marketing campaigns. For instance, that style of email title can

obviously be used successfully in other online communications such as newsletters.


To fully understand email marketing and how to conduct A/B testing to enhance your email

marketing ROI, you may consider undertaking a professional qualification such as the Professional

Diploma in Digital Marketing.


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