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Which Lean Six Sigma Belt is Your Perfect Fit?

Posted on September 13, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Kate Rawdon

Lean Six Sigma is a well-established and revolutionary set of tools and principles that can lower costs and raise profits for almost any business. It uses a combination of statistical analysis, critical evaluation and positive overhauling of existing processes. The result of this tried and tested program is lasting change that can measurably transform an organization for the better. For anyone wanting to learn Six Sigma, there are three levels of training available - Yellow, Green and Black Belt.


Here’s a brief rundown of what each level of training covers, and who should enroll on each one:


Yellow Belt           


Yellow belt training is the first level of Six Sigma. It’s ideal for anyone in business who wants to get an overview and introduction to the highly effective principles of Six Sigma.


This training is extremely helpful for any employees in an organisation that is using Lean Six Sigma, for the following reasons:

  • It enables all staff to gain a full understanding of the thinking behind any changes to their work
  • It helps with staff morale by giving all interested employees an overview of the program being applied to their business
  • It gives employees the language and resources they need to be able to contribute to ongoing improvement


Green Belt


The more advanced Green Belt training is much more hands-on, and is for individuals or teams who will be playing a key part in improving the organization’s performance through Six Sigma principles.
Green Belt training provides:

  • Practical tools for improving performance from analysis right through to lasting change
  • The ability to apply Six Sigma principles to any business problem
  • A working knowledge of the vital and versatile DMAIC method for solving problems


Black Belt               


The most advanced training of all, the Black Belt Program is for managers and other high level employees who guide a business at a strategic level.
Anyone successfully completing the Black Belt Program can:

  • Save their company a significant amount of money
  • Move on to help other companies to do the same thing
  • Vastly increase their earning potential with their new skills


To set your organization - and your career path - on a steep upward trajectory, enroll on a Six Sigma program today.

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