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Project Management – The Next Big Thing

Posted on September 4, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

The title of Project Manager is common these days and it is considered to be one used by those who are responsible for managing projects and usually many at the same time. The general role of the Project Manager is to ensure projects run on time; by making best use of resources, identifying any potential risks and minimizing costs. Although project management is a role all of its own, it could be argued that we are all responsible for running projects, regardless of our job title or the industry we may be working in.

Key Qualities of a Project Manager

A highly effective project manager will be able to communicate well and be able to lead and take ownership of a project. They are able to make good, quick decisions which will have a positive impact on the business. For instance; not only having the ability to stick to a budget, but to save the company money in the process. It is the type of role which suits someone who works well under pressure and thrives on a challenge.

Managing Projects

If you are responsible for seeing a project through from start to finish, you are, in effect, a project manager, even if this is not your actual job title. For example, you may have the responsibility of managing events. In this role, you will have responsibility for making effective use of your resources, keeping within a specific budget and ensuring the event runs smoothly, while dealing with any potential issues. In the same respect, if you are a store manager for a retail store, you will be managing a project, as you will be recruiting and making the best use of your resources, i.e. rotas and dealing with any problems as they arise. If you can manage a project effectively, no matter what it may be, you are basically capable of meeting or exceeding the expectations of your role.

Project Management Qualifications

If you want to be able to take your career to the next level, it is worthwhile considering investing in a PMP, or Project Management Professional certification program.  With a program like this, you can improve your knowledge and skills in this area. Whether or not you want to become a project manager, it is highly useful to be able to deal with projects effectively, as this is part of everyone’s day to day roles. In any industry, you will always have responsibility for seeing a project through to completion, so these qualifications are ideal for improving your knowledge and understanding of how to manage projects effectively.

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