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Middle-Eastern Marketing Geniuses of 2016 (So Far)

Posted on September 20, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Luci M Iley


In marketing, there is a fine line between genius and crazy; finding that line and staying on the right side of it can be difficult, but these three marketing geniuses managed to venture quite close to the line, whilst ultimately succeeding in their goal – raising their business’ profile and gaining exposure. Here’s how they did it, and the lessons you can learn from their stories;

Anand Kapoor – Midcom Group

Anand Kapoor grew Midcom Group from a start-up, twice. First as a foreign exchange bureau, then as a mobile phone distribution network. Now the business has its own handset assembly brand, Fero, which has allowed Anand to begin targeting the GCC region - Saudi Arabia in particular - with mobile phone handsets in the mid-to-top-end price range, but also offering $8 handsets for season such as Hajj – where phones are often disposable by necessity.

Moral: Marketing geniuses look closely at their customer’s needs and provide products accordingly.

Dietmar Siersdorfer – Siemens.

The Chief Executive of Siemens Middle East and UAE has seen the spotlight a few times over the past year – and it’s hardly surprising given that his department have successfully closed several multi-billion dollar deals to create new energy-saving power stations across the region. Siersdorfer knows what he is doing, too – when asked whether he thinks the low oil price environment across the GCC will affect the company, he replied that the oil price crunch has only led to a greater consciousness surrounding energy efficiency – a fact that ties in nicely with his new contracts.

Moral: marketing geniuses can use any situation to their advantage.

Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre’s Digital Marketing Team

After attracting a lot of attention through their Instagram campaign, Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre’s marketing team have been mentioned in multiple lists and pieces of content, noting their bravery in using staff members in precarious situations to promote their company. Doing so has only improved the fun-loving brand personality they portray.

Moral:  Marketing geniuses are not afraid to have fun with their campaigns.

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