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Cut Costs Now on your Online Campaigns

Posted on September 20, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Marketing on a restricted budget can be pretty awe-inspiring and sometimes depressing for

any business, but luckily, as the online world becomes more central to everyday

communications, digital marketing can be a relatively low cost option for getting seen

amongst the crowd and competition. However, planning and preparation are going to be

your greatest allies.


Here are a few tips to make sure investment is likely to give good returns:


1. Know the territory

You need to place your money where it is going to be most effective. The internet is

home to a plethora of different tools and channels each of which have relevance to

unique target markets, your ultimate marketing goal, and overall budget. Research

channels and approaches which suit your industry before you rush into using what is

allegedly “trendy”. If it all seems confusing and bewildering, consider further training in

digital media.


2. Understand your target market

Different target markets will relate more readily to specific approaches and use specific

channels on the web, so spend time clarifying your target market and online behaviour.

For instance, an older prospective client is less likely to use social media. Instagram is

used largely by females, Facebook is a social arena and Linked In is for networking and

great for B2B.


3. Quality website and platforms

Get the fundamentals right. As with all products, quality attracts buyers. On the internet

- quality content is king. So if your website is top notch – it offers your target market

powerful and useful information - this will provide a springboard to good results by



4. Determine what is free

The internet really is the home of free dinners. In any other sphere we get suspicious

about anything which is free, but advertorial systems allow companies to offer free use

of apps and tools. Check out whether you can get the same quality marketing tool for



5. Smart goals

You need to be looking ahead so you can determine whether the money you are

outlaying is giving acceptable good return on investment. Therefore, goals need to be

measurable and you need to be able to know how to measure them.


6. Set a budget

This may sound obvious but due to the way you pay for online marketing (i.e. pay per

click) money can disappear very quickly if it is not monitored closely and changes are

made to enhance future investment. Set a short-term and long-term budget and keep to



With the right strategy, you can dramatically reduce spend and increase value from your marketing.

Our Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy and Planning allows you to do just that.


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