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Top 5 Reasons Employers Need Certified Employees

Posted on August 29, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Erika Murigi


The advantages of having a professional certification are not solely reserved for the

employee; there are also many benefits to employers. As an employer, you might

wonder why you should invest in certifying staff and as an employee you might be

searching for a reason to sign up for a certification course. Either way, there are a

number of valid reasons why certified employees stand apart from their npn-certified

peers, including:


Securing a competitive, superior workforce

At its simplest, a certified employee is one that is able to perform his/her job to a

minimum set of skills or tasks. No matter what the industry, certified employees have

completed one or more courses and been formally assessed against industry-defined

standards. Furthermore, most industries require, or certainly encourage, on-going

professional development. For employers with a certified workforce this means knowing

that outputs are skilled, consistent and measurable against industry standards. It also

means employees are fully aware of what’s expected of them and the standard to which

they should adhere.


Increasing employee productivity 

Being certified gives employees a great sense of satisfaction and pride in their ability to

carry out their job. It can also build a long-term commitment to their role and to the

profession. For employers, this means increased productivity as you have highly skilled

employees performing with confidence and expertise. Furthermore, certified employees

stand out from their peers because of their dedication to their careers and this helps

employers learn who are their most dedicated members of staff and worthy of additional



Increasing employee satisfaction 

For a large number of employees, money is not the only reason they stay in their job.

Often, employers who have good retention rates are those that are committed to

motivating and inspiring staff, usually through training and development. By encouraging

employees to become certified independently, or by incorporating a training scheme into

your workplace, you can guarantee greater employee satisfaction and in turn, increased

confidence and productivity. For the employer, a happy, productive workforce converts

into increased sales, more clients, and exceptional quality – essentially a better



Ensures an up-to- date, lawful workforce 

Regulatory processes are constantly changing. As an employer, you want

knowledgeable, informed employees that keep your business on the right side of legal

and statutory regulations. In addition to legal processes, certified employees will be up-

to-date with new software packages, ways of working and industry expertise, ensuring

that your business remains top in its field.


Being an employer of choice 

If you struggle to find and retain highly-skilled staff members, by incorporating a training

package that includes options for certification you are telling your workforce that you

value them and will invest in their long-term career. In addition, if you already have

certified employees on your staff team, you will be seen as a progressive, enterprising

employer and will attract the best talent.


Certification is industry’s stamp of approval, recognising expertise, knowledge and

professional status. Whether you are an employer or a potential student, we have a

range of certification courses in accountancy, finance, marketing, human resources or

logistics to suit your needs.


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