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Why Email Marketing is Alive, Kicking and Boosting Sales

Posted on August 31, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Social media and smart applications have turned the digital marketing arena upside down - leaving

some of the old tried and tested tools for lead generation out in the cold. For many, email marketing

is looked on as out-dated, slow and clunky, spammy, and just plain inefficient.


But what many marketers fail to realise is that email marketing techniques have continued to get

better and better and recent research shows it is more efficient than social media. The research

company, Custora, found that over the last 4 years’, customer acquisition via email has increased by

400 %. Search engines still remain the most effective way to boost lead generation but they found

that big names like Twitter and Facebook lagged far behind.


But perhaps the most research interesting finding is email marketing also boosted conversions.

According to Custora, email customers are 11 % more valuable than average. Organic-search

customers are 50 % more valuable than average. Facebook customers are average, and Twitter

customers are 23 % less valuable than average.


So what makes email marketing so productive?


1. It is permission based

You are already one step into the selling cycle. It is likely the email recipients in your campaign have

already freely given you their email address. They are therefore likely to be in your target market

and are happy for further contact to take place.


2. Direct perpetual contact

There are so many channels of communication available now online that it all becomes a little

bewildering. The point about email is it is central to online communication. Whereas not everyone

may check Facebook and twitter accounts all the time – email is always on. With the coming of

mobile it is always available too.


3. It’s easy to customise and integrate into other marketing campaigns

Email marketing can easily be adapted to fit into parallel online campaigns. It is a form of

confirmation, latest news, recommendations and information. It enhances brand awareness and

loyalty and is a way to keep prospective clients on board.


4. It’s inexpensive

Email marketing allows business owners to reach their target market for next to nothing. Where

budgets are restricted, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels like TV,

radio, or direct mail.


5. Spam is history

Well, spam is never going to go away but thanks to better email filters spam can be very

conveniently left in the junk folder. In turn, permission based email campaigns are not considered so

much as irritating and suspect as informative and useful.


To fully understand email marketing and how to use it to effectively complement your digital

marketing strategy, you may consider undertaking a professional qualification such as the

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.


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