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Put your Mobile at the Centre of your Marketing Campaigns

Posted on August 11, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


In a world where we can now carry a computer around in our pockets, the mobile phone offers

digital marketers unprecedented opportunities to communicate directly and personally with

their target market in real time. It is central to marketing campaigns for 6 main reasons:


1. The mobile phone is a hub for communication

Once a brick-sized luxury only for those who could afford it, the mobile phone is now a

must-have gadget for almost everyone. The title “mobile phone” is a little bit of a misnomer

as it now offers nearly everything a PC can do and more. As a hub of communication you can

contact prospective clients instantly and they can buy directly from it too.


2. Future Ecommerce transactions are via a mobile

According to research commissioned by Hubspot, by the end of 2017 nearly 25% of all

ecommerce transactions will be done on a mobile phone. In response to these new

behaviours, top channels such as Instagram, Google and Pinterest have introduced “Buy

now” buttons.


3. The power of text marketing

Now it seems you can contact your prospective clients and customers 24/7 wherever they

may be. And on top of email and social media accounts there is a form of communication

which is peculiar to mobile phones alone – text. Studies show that 90% of texts get opened

and 98% are read within 3 minutes of their arrival!


4. Mobile responsive sites rank higher

Google continues to streamline its algorithm to reflect what’s hot in the real world and in

April last year it made clear that mobile-optimised sites would rank higher than those sites

which were not mobile friendly.


5. An extra dimension: Location data

As well as being a tool to communicate with customers anywhere, anytime, it also allows

marketers to target individuals based on location. In this way, it can drive prospective buyers

to physical stores in real time.


6. Mobile web traffic has passed desktop

Mobiles really are getting more web traffic than PC’s and this is likely to lead to a great

change in how marketers use advertising. The days of print and TV advertising as the most

effective vehicles are beginning to take a back seat.


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