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How To Be the World’s Worst Manager

Posted on August 18, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Most people have had a terrible Manager or Boss, who they would claim is the world’s worst. But

was yours really the worst? Here are my top 10 traits of the world’s worst manager.


1- Threatened by their staff progressing

Unfortunately there are too many Managers who feel threatened by the progression of their own

staff, or fear they may topple them off of their own perch.


2- Bad mouth the team

The Manager has a responsibility to protect their team and not expose them. The worst Managers

expose their teams when things go wrong, and bad mouth them publically.


3- Kingdom building

Some Managers want to grow the size of their team, and their own responsibilities, at the expense

of all else.


4- Not sharing information

There will always be information which can’t be shared with the wider team because it is of a

sensitive nature. However, too many Managers do not divulge organisational information to the

team when they could and should.


5- Demanding presenteeism

Poor Managers expect employees to be present in the office beyond business hours, even where

there is no work to be done. This happens all too often and is a weakness of the Manager.


6- Last

This is where Managers sit on work which will need to be done, and then delegate it to employees

with frighteningly short deadlines. This increases the pressure and stress on employees



7- Poor or no objective setting

It is important for employees to understand what is expected from them and have something to

work towards. Having performance objectives set and regularly reviewed is important.


8- Being a bully

This relates to all Managers that feel the need to bully and intimidate their employees.


9- Promotes a blame culture

When anything goes wrong, the Manager goes on a witch hunt to find someone to use as a

scapegoat. This creates a culture of fear amongst the team.


10- Blocks team progression

Some Managers block their team from making moves within the organisation as they don’t want to

have to find a replacement, or train someone new.


Unfortunately there are many more terrible traits and characteristics of Managers; but these are our

top ten which all Managers should avoid. What’s your take on this?


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