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How to be the world’s worst HR Manager

Posted on August 3, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Many people will have come up against an HR Manager within their organisation which they were

convinced was the world’s worst. Here are our top ten traits:


1- Unaware of regulatory requirements

HR Managers need to be up to date with legal requirements and relevant acts, such as employee


2- No people management skills

The nature of this job means that an HR Manager will have to deal with people as a core part of their

role. Having empathy, and good communication skills is a must.

3- Viewing people as a commodity/number

Treating people as an expense to the business and not individuals.

4- Not following process

In many cases HR Managers will have particular policies and procedures that they need to follow,

such as a grievance procedure. In the event that an HR Manager does not follow process, they may

be exposing the organisation to employee claims.

5- Does not seek legal advice

Employment law is complex. HR Managers need to know when it is the right time to get help from

the legal team.

6- Send poor/unqualified candidates

Many HR Managers get involved in recruitment. A bad HR Manager will send forward candidates

which do not meet the hiring manager’s person spec.

7- Not up to date with salary benchmarks

HR Managers will have a fundamental role in setting employee salaries. Keeping up to date with

industry benchmark data is important if the business wants to be able to hire in the best talent.

8- Poor communicator

An HR Manager needs to communicate with individuals at all levels of the organisation on a regular

basis. To be successful, an HR Manager will need good communication skills.

9- Bad negotiator

HR Managers will often be responsible for negotiating salaries, and redundancies. Having good

negotiation skills is key to success.

10- Not qualified

No formal qualification and therefore lacking the appropriate skills and knowledge.

HR Managers, avoid these traits at all cost! Why not consider a formal HR course to gain higher-level

knowledge and skills and get qualified as a certified HR Professional?


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