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Boost Online Campaigns with a Digital Marketing Qualification

Posted on August 2, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Digital marketing can seem a little like the wild west sometimes. You know your business needs a

powerful marketing campaign and you have a general idea of how it can be achieved. There are

millions of articles on the web which give you an idea of how to do it but can you trust them? Are

they out of date? Will they really have any effect? And most importantly, are they coming from a

reliable source?


Now, fortunately, there really is a qualification which comprises all the information you need to set

yourself up as a digital marketing expert or market your own business online.


Qualifications in digital marketing

SEO and digital marketing has matured as the internet has itself, which means the old style hit-and

miss learning styles where information was scarce and rarely evidenced, can be discarded. Since

Google tightened up on black hat SEO’s techniques, the internet is a much more stable place to be,

with clearer boundaries as to what options are available and what penalties occur when you

overstep the mark.


For the billion or so websites populating the web there are probably just as many SEO’s and digital

marketers who have learnt their trade on the fly. Easily led by the latest trending article, their overall

strategies and techniques are likely to be incoherent and ineffective. Most of all, as well as wasting

money, they put their businesses in danger. Business owners marketing for themselves are likely to

be running their own businesses into the ground if they do not have a solid digital marketing

blueprint to work from and from which they can reference.


A strong foundation for digital marketers

As a digital marketer, you need to stand out and above the cacophony of bad SEO techniques and

your nearest competition. Your prospective clients need to be able to trust you, your brand and the

strategies you use. A qualification in the world of digital marketing is as essential as it is unique. It

gets rid of the doubt and places firm boundaries around the structures, processes and strategies you

can use safely. It offers your clients evidence of a return on investment.


For a business where costs do not run to digital marketing, a sound qualification in digital marketing

means you can input energies where it counts, not waste time on finding the information that

matters, and still market your company at lower costs while saving time and money.


Morgan International offers a number of professional diplomas covering every aspect of the digital

sphere. To learn more about our Diplomas in Digital Marketing, click here.

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