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5 Top Tips to Improve Employee Retention Levels

Posted on August 23, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin


Training and developing staff takes a lot of time and investment, which is why it is highly frustrating

when they leave to join a competitor. It is worth bearing in mind that most employees don’t really

want to leave, as it can cause an upheaval to move to a new job. However, if they are not completely

happy and a better offer comes along, they are highly likely to consider their options. Companies

who really take time to invest in their employees will have low retention levels, while those who

don’t, will probably have a revolving door. It costs far more to recruit and train new employees than

it does to invest properly in them, so it is worth investing in improving retention levels. These are

some tips to improving employee retention levels within your business.


Effective Recruitment

High retention levels can be heavily influenced by the recruitment process, which is why it is vital to

get this part right. There can be some telltale warning signs during the recruitment process, such as

a lack of enthusiasm, slow communication and re-arranging interviews, which might suggest the

person is not right for the job. If you don’t have the in-house skills to recruit, it may be worth looking

to external agencies to help.


Competitive Salary

Although it is not the main reason for leaving, it is only natural that employees will be attracted by

better packages. It is important to offer a competitive salary and to regularly analyse salaries to

ensure they are in line with similar businesses and roles. If employees are going above and beyond in

their roles, make sure you reward them. It is not enough to wait until employees hand in their notice

to offer a better salary and in fact, this can often have the opposite effect.


Training and Development

Opportunities to develop are as important, if not more, than the salary being offered. Most

employees, particularly those you should really want to retain, will be interested in developing

within the organisation. A business with good levels of retention will often have clear levels of

progression and will offer regular training to their employees.


Flexible Working Conditions

The days of the 9-5 are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and pro-active, forward thinking

businesses will provide options for flexible working. Employees feel valued when they have a degree

of flexibility, such as flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home. Everyone has

commitments outside of work and employers who realise this and incorporate it into their business,

will consequently have higher levels of retention.


Relaxed Culture

The right kind of culture is also vital for improving levels of retention. Employees want to feel

comfortable and relaxed in the environment they work and not worried, stressed or anxious. If the

right culture is created for employees, they will be more likely to be productive and to want to stay

and grow within the business.


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