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5 Sure Signs a Career in Accountancy is for You

Posted on August 19, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Erika Murigi


Accountancy is a profession in high demand. Every business and organisation, large

and small, requires an accountant at some point, if not all the time. Furthermore, it’s a

career that offers opportunities around the world, a healthy salary and life-long career

progression. But is it for you? Here are 5 sure signs you should be an accountant:


You’re a maths wizard

Being an accountant doesn’t mean having to do trigonometry or algebra equations in

your head but you do need to have a better than average understanding of maths to get

to grips with the technical aspects of accountancy. While nowadays you’re more likely to

be using a calculator and spreadsheets to do your number crunching, you can’t always

rely on technology and you still need to be efficient with numbers to ensure accuracy.


Details are your friend 

Whether you work in-house, as a consultant or at an accountancy firm with multiple

clients, being able to analyse and provide a detailed balance sheet, a cash flow

breakdown or an explanation of a federal tax process will have to be second nature. If

you are conscientious, focused on accuracy and meticulous about details, whether it’s

the bottom line of a budget or the intricacies of tax regulation, then it’s likely you’ll excel

in accountancy.


You enjoy structure and deadlines 

As an accountant being able to work to a deadline is a particularly important skill. A huge

part of the job is deadline driven. Month-end management accounts, annual accounts,

tax returns, are all examples of when work has to be completed by a set date, no

excuses. Conversely, the day-to- day aspect of the job is often highly structured.

Processes are run daily, quarterly, annually; the same operational procedures take place

over and over again within set timeframes. But, if you’re a result driven person who

derives satisfaction from completing time-sensitive projects, under pressure then a

career in accountancy might just be for you.


You don’t mind being the go-to person 

Finance is one of the most important aspects of business with accountancy providing its

language. When management wants to know, or explain, why something went wrong,

why an acquisition should move forward or why redundancies have to happen to pull a

business out of the red, they turn to their accountants. Everything in business comes

down to the numbers, which means that accountants are often in the hot seat to present

the details behind decisions in an understandable fashion to non-accounting

professionals, which means being a good communicator will also take you far!


You believe in following the rules

Accountants are required to follow the rules. Tax codes, regulations, processes – it’s a

career that doesn’t reward creative rule breaking and with good reason. Accountants

bear the responsibility of a company’s financial health and ensuring its financial records

are accurate and honest. The job requires being able to sticking to the rules, working

with integrity and to a highly ethical code of practice.


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