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Top soft skills Every Internal Auditor Should Possess

Posted on July 21, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Internal Auditors sometimes face a tough role as very often they are auditing the policies, processes,

and, work that other employees have undertaken. This can mean that people are wary of Internal

Auditors, and may be slightly resistant to the audit process. Soft skills are really important for

Internal Auditors if they are going to be successful. These are our top 5 soft skills for Internal



Being a team player

This is quite a generic soft skill that most professionals should have. In some cases Internal Auditors

will carry out the audit individually, however they most likely will be part of a wider team of Internal

Audit professionals. Being able to share experiences and information with the wider team is



Accepting responsibility

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. From an Internal Audit perspective, it could be that something is

missed that should have been reported on. It is important to take responsibility and ownership when

things do go wrong. This will not only give you the respect of your team, and hopefully your

manager, but it will also help you to grow professionally.



Internal Audit can be difficult, and some employees will be defensive about their area and work

being audited. Being resilient is a hugely important soft skill in this profession.


Research skills

Once the Internal Auditor is on an audit project, they will usually have a specification that they are

working to. For example they may be auditing the adherence to a certain policy by a particular

department. To get answers for the audit, the Internal Auditor will need to have strong research




The policies, processes, people, and procedures being audited will be changing regularly. An Internal

Auditor will need to be adaptable to each piece of work.


Soft skills are not something that can be taught particularly easily through formal education, in many

ways, soft skills are developed far more easily in the workplace. However, the personal growth

individuals learn during a soft skills workshops should stand them in good stead for developing them

further. If you are interested in developing your soft skills, take a look at our workshops.

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