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Top 10 Traits of a Successful Project Manager

Posted on July 7, 2016 10:00 am;

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by Rebecca Langdon



Some Project Managers make it look easy, whereas others seem to have a complete lack of control

over the project, the risks, and the resources. Over time, I have noticed that successful Project

Managers tend to exhibit certain traits and characteristics. These are my top 10:


1- A good public speaker

Project Managers will very often need to take the lead in project related meetings, where there may

be a large group in attendance. It is really important to be a confident public speaker.


2- A strong communicator

The ability to communicate with people at all levels of the organisational hierarchy. A good Project

Manager will listen as well as speak. The ability to communicate well across all mediums, including

face to face, email, and the phone.


3- Resource coordination

Manage resources efficiently and appropriately. This includes understanding resource’s skillsets,

strengths, and, weaknesses.


4- Stakeholder management

There will be various project stakeholders. A good Project Manager has a very clear RACI, an aligned

Project Sponsor, and keeps stakeholders in their front of mind.


5- Good with technology

Modern day Project Managers will need to have a fairly good understanding of technology and be up

to date with current software applications, such as MS Project.


6- Artefacts

A good Project Manager will have a solid understanding of the artefacts they should be producing,

such as the business case, PID, meeting minutes, RACI, project plan, budgets, etc.


7- Time Management

The Project Manager is typically very busy, and will have a lot of competing priorities. Strong time

management skills are of paramount importance.


8- Decision Making

Decisions will need to be made which relate to the Project. The decision making should be

considered, timely, and take account of the facts.


9- Praise, thanks, and celebration

The best Project Managers praise their team for good work, thank them when appropriate, and also

ensure there is a celebration when the project closes.


10- Retrospective learning

The crème de la crème of Project Managers learn from their past experiences, this includes

considering what went well, and not so well, and learning from it.

This seems like a long list of positive traits, but as noted at the beginning, the skill set needed to be a

brilliant Project Manager is very wide and varied.


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