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Today’s top trending business sectors and why they are important

Posted on July 20, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Erika Murigi


Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you want to retrain but have yet to decide what

industry you think you’d like to move into, having an idea of what business areas are in demand may

help to steer your decision. If you want to work in a sector that is current and offers opportunities for

growth in the next few years, here are today’s top trending businesses:


Accountancy and financial services

The advancement of a global economy and a growing number of small, independent businesses has led

to an increased need for accountants and bookkeepers. Every company, regardless of size, needs to

have legible, lawful accounts and many will employ the services of an accountant, bookkeeper or

financial analyst instead of taking on the task themselves.


Human resources and talent management

More and more companies now employ remote workers as it becomes easier for workers to do their job

at home or away from the office. For most employers, however, this has created a challenge in areas of:

career development, internal communications and the implementation of company policies across the

entire workforce. This has led to a greater demand in human resource skills.


Furthermore, recruitment is no longer just about posting an ad in a paper and sifting through a stack of

CVs. With so many online recruitment portals, larger companies are now hiring employee recruitment

companies and HR consultants to help them find and manage talent.


Corporate wellness

Larger corporations have come to the realisation that a happy, healthy workforce is the backbone of a

successful, profitable business. Furthermore, for those that provide healthcare programmes, corporate

wellness also means lower costs in the long run. And for those that don’t, they can expect lower sickness

rates and more motivated employees.


Translation services

With a growing number of companies moving into global markets, demand for translation services is

increasing significantly as the need to communicate across multiple borders increases. And it’s not just

in verbal communication; demand exists in the production of print and digital materials as businesses

attempt to communicate with their audiences on a deeper level – contextualizing the information and in

some areas using the local languages. Translation services are also increasingly integrating with

technological industries, which us brings to the final sector.



Technology is now so much a part of our working lives. As a result, demand for skilled workers to

manage, protect, and update computer systems continues to grow. Furthermore, cyber security has

become a huge concern for larger corporations and many struggle to find the specialist talent required

to minimise any threats. Another area of technology that continues to grow is social media marketing as

companies try to target consumers in the most effective ways possible. With the rapid progress and

growth of social media platforms, this is an ever-expanding industry.


If you’re daydreaming about a new job or a career move, you now have an idea of the industries

currently enjoying positive growth and momentum. Now all you have to do is reflect on your existing

skills and whether they are transferrable or research the steps you need to take to retrain. Whichever

route is for you, you can rest assured now is the perfect time to jump into one of these industries.


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