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How to keep your employees happy and motivate them for success

Posted on July 25, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Erika Murigi


A motivated, productive workplace relies on happy, inspired employees. When people feel valued and

engaged in their work and in the organisation, productivity is greater. Happy employees are less likely to

miss work; they perform better and will be more supportive of organisational objectives. But ensuring

employees are happy and motivated is not always easy. Even without the promise of bonuses and time

off, there are ways managers can make employees feel valued and appreciated. Here are three simple

ways to keep motivation levels high in your workplace:


Offer a challenge

Every job has its mundane, tedious side – repetitive, mind-numbing tasks and less-than- glamorous

duties. As a manager, it’s important to balance those less stimulating aspects of a job with more

challenging projects. If all you ask of an employee is tasks that are way below their ability, they will soon

become despondent and uninspired and they may construe that to mean you don’t value their

individual skills. Conversely, when you set a more challenging task that makes use of their talents, you

are telling them that you believe they are capable and that you trust them to do a brilliant job. And that,

more than anything, will make your employee feel very valued.


Give your employees a voice

Nothing shows a person you value them more than giving them a voice. By this we mean not only

listening to concerns and feedback about their role or the organisation but also allowing them to share

their own successes, ways of working or ideas for future projects. Allowing people to share their

thoughts let’s them know they have something to offer which in turn boosts self-confidence and

motivation levels. This could be at staff events, in an organisational newsletter or at smaller team



Regular one-to- ones

Ensure you meet regularly with individual employees to discuss how things are going within their work

and career aspirations. Let them know about any opportunities for further training, career advancement

and creative projects they can get involved in within the organisation. The idea is to let your employee

know that there is more to work towards, even if it’s not directly related to their role. When workers

stop learning or feel like they are in a dead end job, they are more likely to feel unappreciated and

productivity levels are likely to drop as a result.


There are many more ways to keep your employees happy and motivated. If you know your workforce

needs inspiring and your employees need to feel more valued, start implementing these today and you’ll

soon start to see a turnaround in the success levels of your company.

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