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How to be the world’s worst Accountant

Posted on July 3, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


There are many well educated and very effective Accountants, but here are my top ten traits and

characteristics of the worst Accountants.


1- Bad maths skills

This one may seem obvious and perhaps slightly amusing, but having good maths skills including

good arithmetic ability is really essential. As an Accountant you can’t always rely on a calculator.


2- No IT skills

In the digital age, abacuses are long gone, and modern day Accountants need to be up to date with

the latest accounting packages, and also Excel. It is also a good idea to have an intermediate

knowledge of other packages such as PowerPoint and Word.


3- Can’t work to deadlines

Accountancy is a profession where deadlines are of particular importance, whether it be month end

management accounts, of yearend financial accounts. Accountants who can’t manage their time and

meet deadlines are going to struggle.


4- Poor communicator

Poor communication is not a brilliant trait for any professional. For Accountants, it is essential to be

able to explain accounting concepts to non-accounting professionals in a way they will be able to



5- Bad people skills

Accountants in any organisation will need to liaise with the rest of the business, and in many cases

will work with all other functions.


6- Misrepresent qualifications

It is very poor to misrepresent qualifications in anyway. For example, claiming to be a CPA or ACCA,

but actually being part qualified.


7- Not up to date with regulations

Accounting regulations from a legal perspective change on a regular basis. This may govern for

example how a certain asset should be treated from a profit and loss perspective. Accountants need

to keep up to date with best practice and statutory regulations.


8- Poor attention to detail

Accountants very often are signing off on financials which will be submitted to the tax authorities. If

there are significant errors, this could result in an organisational fine.


9- Promotes tax evasion

This one does not need any explanation. It could result in an Accountant going to prison.


10- No formal qualifications

It is really important to be formally trained. There are a number of options out there such as ACCA,

CMA, or the CPA qualifications.


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