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Facility Management: Top 3 Ways to Identify the Right Talent

Posted on July 19, 2016 9:10 am;

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By James Watts


Having an effective team who get on with other and complement each other’s skills is essential in all

businesses, but particularly so in the facility management industry. Facility management often involves

multiple people working on the same projects, so team management is key.


Recruiting a new employee can seem like a daunting task, particularly if your existing team works really

well together, however it’s a necessary part of business growth. Here are our top three tips for hiring an

appropriate team member for your facility management business.


1) Develop a thorough interview process

The more thorough your interview process, the more likely you will be to hire a suitable employee who

will integrate seamlessly into your existing facility management team. A face-to- face interview is

essential to determine the accuracy of a résumé.


Your interview should include questions about the following:

  •  Experience levels and previous positions
  • Credentials and certification
  • How they would handle certain situations that arise regularly in your organization
  • Details about outside activities and hobbies

An interviewee’s answers to the above can help you gain valuable information about that person that

may not have been immediately obvious from their résumé. You will also get to know the personality of

the individual and see if they would be a good fit for your team.


2) Promote from within your organization

Some employees thrive on the potential to progress their career. Consider investing in training and

certification for employees wishing to climb the facility management career ladder. Not only does this

avoid having to go through a long interview process but the morale boost an individual can receive when

they have time and money invested in their training can skyrocket their productivity.


3) Choose skillsets carefully

When considering hiring a new facility management team member, carefully consider what their job

role and duties should be. You don’t want to hire someone for tasks that are already fully covered for

your team as that will lead to frustration and boredom and too many people compete to complete the

same tasks. Instead, identify areas that are currently understaffed or that could be expanded. Your new

staff member needs to add value, not only to the organization but also to their new team.


If you’re interested in taking your facility management team to the next level, check out our FMP

certification training. Boost your employee’s careers and motivate them to work at their very best by

investing in their development.

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