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An Adaptive Talent Acquisition Strategy is Critical to Success

Posted on July 5, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Cheryl Lyon-Hislop


Rapid changes in technology and our economy coupled with a shift of power to candidates, have

dictated that to be successful in talent acquisition, organisations must make use of leading-edge

technology and a fresher approach. This shift in power to the candidate – they have the skills,

employers have the requirements - means that current approaches will cease to be as effective. So

what can you do?


  •  Skills Shortage Impact

Organisations will find it increasingly tricky to find employees keen to commit to longer stints in

positions – with the skills shortage pushing rates higher, there’s a greater likelihood of counter offers

and incentives luring candidates away. In terms of engagement, employers are seeking ways to

retain and develop employees who are facing low salary increases, restructures, mergers and

reductions on budgets for training and development. Top talent is scarce to reach for other

organisations, as current employers seek to retain talent through incentives, whether this is through

simple recognition or through more tangible benefits such as bonus or equity incentive schemes.


  •  Streamline your Processes

Streamlining your hiring process will help. Be thorough at the screening stage and ensure the

thorough first stage interviews are held as soon as possible after a successful screening.

Psychometrics can be completed on-line and globally too. Reducing the process to two interviews as

a maximum to keep candidate interest levels high. Ensure the key stakeholders are present and

trained to assess.


  • Candidates should assess your organisation too!

Allow the candidate to assess your organisation; be friendly but professional and ensure they feel

they are ‘experiencing the company’ through walk-arounds, meeting the team, and seeing how you

have invested in key technology, equipment, and training, will show you care about them, as

individuals, not just as a resource!


  • Ramp up your Employment Branding

It’s competitive because every recruiter is in pursuit of finding the person most suited to the

requirement, with the highest commitment, at the best possible price. In times of financial hardship,

the task becomes even more competitive; the best way of attracting the right people to your

organisation is to be recognised as an employer of choice at local, regional, national and

international levels; to be an employer where people are queuing up at the door to join. That’s

where you ‘brand’ needs to be attractive!


More and more companies are learning how to effectively communicate their employment brands

through social media outlets. Facebook and Twitter are the favourites, but the content has to be

fresh and interesting to differentiate from others. Hiring content editors and social media managers

are a must to keep ahead of the branding game.


It’s not all doom and gloom. Talent is out there, but you need to keep ahead of the competition, not

coast alongside!


Why not consider a formal HR course to help your team gain higher-level knowledge and skills and

qualify as an employer of choice!

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