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5 Ways to Streamline Marketing Campaigns in the Advent of Content Overload

Posted on July 13, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Content generation has become a central task for businesses promoting and enhancing lead

generation on the internet. Before the onset of Google’s penguins and pandas, the issue was

content lacked any substance because it was created as fillers and link fodder – now, brilliant

content is getting lost in the cacophony of voices on the net. Hence, great content which is at the

core of a business marketing campaign may be proving less effective and costly.


So how can you help ensure your content is a powerful tool in your marketing processes and stands

out from that loud competition?


1. Tailor content to a specific original structure

All the big brands on the net are known for creating a specific type of content very well. This

way they attract a specific following which is relative to the products they are selling. So

before getting down to the substance of the content, consider how they will be different

from the competition. Create an original template and stick to it.


2. Create to inform not to sell

Content on the internet all has the same root. It was created to sell a brand. It is so easy to

create articles which just sing the benefits of the product, but benefits are likely to be short-

term. This type of content may well engage those few buyers who are on the cusp of buying,

but to create a loyal following, real interactions, and enhance brand awareness you need to

create content which informs or entertains your target market first and foremost with

covert links to your product.


3. Consistently measure and monitor

If you do not know how successful your content is, you cannot streamline your campaign.

From the outset consider what you will measure, how you will measure and how you will

monitor the data.


4. How is the content viewed?

Take into account how the content will be viewed by your visitors. As well as numerous

different devices (mobile small screen vs pc big screen) there are a multitude of channels

which specialise in specific content (i.e. Instagram – graphics). Focus on appropriate

channels and ensure the content is responsive for all devices.


5. Content is more than words

Use videos, graphics, graphs, charts and infographics to give your information new life.

Videos in themselves engage instantly so consider the use of website videos as well as


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