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5 Top Tips for Creating Quality Links

Posted on July 24, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


When Google cracked down on SEO digital marketing practices, it caused quite a headache for many

business managers as they were left to watch search engine rankings and conversions tumble. Link

building was targeted by Google in an effort to wipe-out black hat SEO techniques. However, even

though it still remains a key area for enhancing domain authority, marketers often refrain from using

link building techniques as it has a “dodgy” feel to it and therefore miss the opportunity of getting

their website amongst the big three. So how do you make sure those links are going to count and

not lead to a penalty from Google?


Absolute essentials

Whenever placing a link make sure that:

  • The link is from a website within the same industry as your own where possible.
  •  The website should have a high domain authority – anything below 30 is questionable.
  •  Make sure that the link going up is not classed as “no follow” in the coding
  • Reciprocal links will cancel each other out – so don’t do a deal.
  • Use keywords within the link itself


Definite no-no’s

  • A link within a guest blog author area is not taken into account.
  • Article directories are likely to have little link juice or may lead to link penalties
  • Forum signatures are also suspect in the eyes of Google.
  •  Advertorials are not good – give your visitor quality useful content.
  •  Stay away from guestbooks
  • Embedable widgets are not good
  • Infographic embeds are not good


Great content throughout

Google’s goal is to get quality sites to the top of the rankings. Therefore, it is quality content which

signifies a great website as well as links showing other sites wish to link to it. Whatever tool used to

place a link (guest blog, own website blog, news article, press release, website page etc.) create

unique information that will be useful to your target market. This in itself will attract “natural links”

brand awareness and site loyalty.



Make the vehicle for the link as varied in length as possible, as patterns will suggest spam activity.

Mix and match campaigns for more links. Too many guest blogs or press releases can suggest articles

are being created simply for links. Vary the length of the articles and moderate the amount of

keywords in content. Gone are the days of flooding articles with keywords. Use synonyms within the



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