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Top soft skills Every Accountant Should Possess

Posted on June 13, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Accountants may work in a number of different roles, such as a management accountant or a

financial accountant for a firm. Others may work for high wealth individuals who require tax

planning assistance, various advice, and, support. Whilst Accountants may undertake a variety of

roles, the soft skills they require are often very similar. These are our top 5 soft skills for



1. Ability to work under pressure

You are inevitability going to have deadlines, and within the accountancy profession you will be

faced with month end, year end, and, government submission deadlines. Having the ability to stay

calm and organised under pressure is a valuable skill.


2. Creativity and problem solving

Particularly where accountants are working with high wealth clients, they will need to have strong

creativity and problem solving skills. This is not about tax evasion, but it is about ensuring large and

complex financial estates are managed optimally.


3. Making decisions

All professionals need to make decisions in their daily work, and this soft skill is a general one in that

respect. Decisions should not be careless, but rather, a good decision maker takes into account all

available information and makes a measured and informed decision.


4. Communicating

This is another soft skill which is a generic must for pretty much all professionals. Accountants will be

working with a number of other individuals and business functions. Often, they will need to engage

with others to seek information, and/or to present information back.


5. Tenacity

In many instances you will be working with individuals who are protective over the finances within

their remit. A good dose of tenacity is really useful for Accountants so they persevere to get the

information they need, when they need it.


Soft skills are not something that can be taught particularly easily through formal education, in many

ways, soft skills are developed far more easily in the workplace. However, the personal growth

individuals learn during a soft skills workshops should stand them in good stead for developing them

further. If you are interested in developing your soft skills, take a look at our workshops.

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