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Top interview tips for job seekers

Posted on June 12, 2016 2:00 pm;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Interviews can be daunting experiences, but with these top tips you should find you are more

confident and successful.


State of Mind

Interviews are a two way process. Keep in mind that you are also there to interview the

interviewers. Of course you are unlikely to be leading the meeting, but just keep in mind that you

also need to be satisfied that this is an organisation you would want to work for.



I can’t overstate the importance of interview preparation. This includes;

- Review the job description

- Know your CV inside out

- Be ready to answer common interview questions

- Research the company and the interviewer


Dress Appropriately

In most cases a suit will be appropriate, but if you are unsure, ask the recruiter or the hiring



Body Language

Try to maintain an open body posture whilst in the interview. Avoid folding your arms and looking

‘closed off.’


Have Personality

Be personable whilst maintaining professionalism. People tend to want to work with individuals who

they think they will get along with. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality, so long as you are



Ask Questions

Engage in the process and a two way conversation. Come prepared with questions you would like



Consider Your Responses

After you are asked a question, do not be afraid to take a short and measure pause to consider your

response. When you respond;

- Speak clearly

- Talk about what you did, not others

- Don’t ramble

- Don’t be afraid to finish your answer and ask if you have provided sufficient information


Next Steps

At the end of the interview ensure you ask what the next steps in the process are.


This seems like a lot of pointers to remember, but getting good at interviews takes practice and

preparation. Hopefully the tips above will help you to be more successful in your next interview.

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