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Top 4 Ways to Get Your Project Approved

Posted on June 19, 2016 2:02 pm;

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by Rebecca Langdon


There is often a fair amount of work to do before a Project Manager can take their business case

forward to seek approval. There are 5 top tips below to assist you in getting your Project approved

without a hitch.


Clear business case

The business case should be really clear and it should stack up. It should be obvious to someone

picking up the document, why it is a good idea to do the Project. It may not be an economic reason

for doing the project, and where the project is a net cost to the business, there may need to be

additional work to convince senior management to open the purse strings.


Devil’s Advocate

Ask a colleague to go through the business case you have produced and ask some of the tough

questions which you may face when it goes forward for approval. Whilst this may not be enjoyable,

it will help you to prepare for the questions you may get at a later stage.


Having the right project sponsor

It is not always possible for the Project Manager to pick the Project Sponsor. However where

possible, lobby to ensure that you get a Project Sponsor who will actually back the project within the

organisation, remove barriers, and assist you to ensure it gets the level of senior management

attention it requires. If you do not get to cherry pick your Sponsor, put a lot of time and effort into

ensuring they are completely behind the business case you have pulled together.


Have alternatives/trade offs

Be ready to not get everything signed off that you have in scope. You may be asked to trade off

certain factors, so it is useful to come prepared with a view of what you can trade and what you

can’t without putting the project at risk before it starts.


I may have exaggerated when I said that following these tips will get all of your Projects approved

without any issues, however following them will certainly increase your chances of getting sign off

first time.

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