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Top 20 Reasons Lean Six Sigma Training is Right for You

Posted on June 8, 2016 10:00 am;

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Published by The Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth


At the most basic level, Lean Six Sigma is a rigorous and systematic method of improving

operational performance by leveraging various tools to identify and eliminate defects. Our Lean

Six Sigma (LSS) training has direct and tangible applications in almost all manufacturing

processes but it can also be used to find bottlenecks and improve the performance in service-

related organizations.


Here are your top 20 reasons to consider Lean Six Sigma training from Morgan International

and Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering:


1. You don’t need to be a “statistician” to take LSS workshops

2. LSS skills can be deployed immediately – and can be expanded over time.

3. The most basic LSS tools and techniques are very powerful – making process

improvements doesn’t have to be complicated

4. Just creating a basic map of a process immediately uncovers pain points.

5. The analytical problem solving skills you gain during LSS training are what today’s

most cutting edge companies value most in prospective employees.

6. Whether it’s Manufacturing or Service; Sales, Marketing, Finance or administrative

office, virtually every industry or processes can make use of and benefit from

conducting Lean Six Sigma process improvements.

7. Although LSS certified professionals generally work on projects within their functional

areas, their training gives them insight to the eventual impact of internal processes

on the external customer – this skill set is greatly valued by management and will

enhance your career opportunities.

8. LSS training teaches you to manage by facts and data – not just opinion!

9. LSS training helps to build your problem-solving skills… and organizations will

NEVER run out of problems!

10. A bad process will always beat a good person! LSS training helps increase focus on

the process, instead of assigning blame to people that work in the process.

11. LSS training expands your process improvement “toolkit”, and helps you determine

WHICH tool is most appropriate and WHEN.

12. Your LSS training will show you how to apply the tools and concepts in real world

applications. LSS Training & Certification is not just learning – its doing!

13. LSS training is increasingly being seen in job postings as a desired employment skill


14. What you learn in LSS training will not become obsolete… because it’s about

problem-solving and root cause analysis… and problem-solving will never be


15. While you may not need to know how to use every single tool in the LSS Toolkit, the

training creates awareness of the available tools so you’ll know where to go when it’s

time to use a tool you’re unfamiliar with.

16. Working on an LSS project gives you valuable exposure to both the people and the

processes within the organization which increases your understanding of the

business and facilitates valuable connections… and career advancement!

17. LSS is not about eliminating people, it’s about eliminating waste! People often

waste time on activities that do not add value for the customer!

18. LSS Training will help you learn how to avoid implementing someone’s preferred

solution and other random ideas that may not address the problem or the root cause.

19. Lean Six Sigma isn’t just about tools for change. It’s about people too. Tools alone

won’t sustain change. Our LSS training will help you involve the right people, treat

them with respect through collaboration, and implement successful change.

20. Our LSS Training comes with useful templates which facilitate the essential

documentation of the project – and that documentation leads to success and



We hope this list helps you understand the benefits of becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma



Morgan International and Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering’s Lean Six Sigma

training is recognized for its educational excellence by companies and organizations worldwide.

If you have any questions about our programs or would like to enroll, please visit our online

store today!

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