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How to be the world’s worst Marketer

Posted on June 14, 2016 4:00 pm;

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By Rebecca Langdon


What makes a Marketer the world’s worst? Here are our top ten traits:

1- No innovative ideas

Innovative ideas are the lifeblood of marketers. A marketer with no fresh ideas will not be working in

marketing for long.


2- No idea of the target market

If you do not understand the target market, you can’t market to them. Really understanding the

target market and their profile is key for success.


3- Unable to admit to failure

Sometimes marketers get things wrong, and perhaps a campaign is not landing as expected. A bad

marketer will ignore this and continue blindly.


4- Social media overload

In the digital age, nobody is denying the importance of social media. However, rather than using

every social media platform available, an astute marketer should focus their efforts.


5- Not taking time out to be creative

Being creative is something that can’t be forced. Successful marketers need to take time away from

the laptop or PC to come up with fresh and interesting ideas.


6- Not listening to the client

The client should be setting out their requirements, and the marketer should be delivering to these



7- Being threatened by agency input

In many organisations, agencies are hired to provide additional creative input. The marketer should

not feel threatened by this input, but see it as a useful contribution to the process.


8- Doesn’t understand what success looks like

Success should be outlined and quantified upfront. It may be a certain number of hits on a website,

or revenue from a promotion. Whatever it is, it should be agreed at the outside and measured



9- Never work to budget

It can be easy for marketers to get carried away, but they need to keep the agreed budget in mind,

and try to work to it.


10- Being fake and phony

I have met many marketers who are like caricatures of themselves. Being fake will often be very

obvious to clients, and not build trust.


Marketers need to avoid these traits at all cost! Why not consider a formal Marketing course to gain

higher-level knowledge and skills and get qualified as a certified Marketing Professional?


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