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How has Digital Marketing affected the Traditional Sales Processes?

Posted on June 23, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Over the last ten years the internet has become central to our lives. It has advanced

communications, entertainment and information dissipation to such an extent that we all interact,

attain knowledge and enjoy ourselves in a way unrecognized a decade ago. In business, the sales

process too has been streamlined and made much more powerful. Take a look below at the ways in

which we think that digital marketing has changed sales processes forever:


Zero down on your target market

As an effective tool for reaching your target market, digital marketing leaves traditional methods and

especially cold calling, dead in the water. This is mainly because you are putting out promotional

information specifically to those interested in your services instead of randomly contacting everyone

and hoping for a bite. More than that, you can segment your campaign based on the personality

profile and behaviors of your buyers.


Direct instant contact, feedback and support

Digital tools have made the sales process faster from quote to turnaround. No need to deal with

lumbering face to face processes. Digital applications allow businesses to make instant contact

throughout the whole sales process, receive useful feedback and offer support. A streamlined and

safe process is likely to lead to further transactions and a loyal following. The cult of the mobile

phone means people can buy from anywhere at the touch of the button.



Automation has made everything so simple for enhancing the sales process and holding on to

interested prospects. Contact with businesses can occur 24/7; transactions can take place without

human involvement; stylised communications within the process can be issued in seconds and still

remain personal; clients feel safer as they can track the whole transaction and communicate with

support if they need to.


Refined data

These are the days of big data. Smart applications can segment that data so that sales reps and

marketing campaigns are just provided with those contacts who are most likely to buy. Sales have

better quality prospects - so reducing the chances of failed contacts and enhancing the sales process



Bigger target market

Global communications have been changed immeasurably over the last 10 years which means sales

reps can contact prospects in locations they never thought possible. For many the Earth has become

their catchment area.


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