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Graduating in 2016 – What next?

Posted on June 21, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Rebecca Langdon


Are you graduating this month? For some it can be a daunting time, as very often it marks the end

of 17 years in education. There are a number of options, and this is our run down of the most

popular choices.


Get a job

This is perhaps the most obvious choice, and often students can’t wait to get stuck into the world of

work, and take the first rung up on the career ladder. A first step is to pull together a CV and cover

letter. To find a job you want to apply for, consider going to job fairs, looking at job sites online, and

perhaps look at careers pages of companies you would be keen to work for.



Some professions are more competitive than others. If you are looking to get into marketing for

example, you may need to do an unpaid internship to get a route into permanent employment. The

best way to get an internship is to make speculative applications to companies you are passionate

about, or call in favors from your professional network (if you are lucky enough to have one).


Pack up and go travelling

After many years of study, some people just want to pack up their bags and take a break. Whilst this

seems like a fun idea, just be sure you have your finances worked out, and a plan for when you get



Masters Course

Some people just can’t bear to leave education, and go onto extend their learning by doing a

masters course. In some professions, a masters is expected. The masters courses are expensive and

lots of institutions offer them. Our advice is to do your research.


Professional Qualification

Some graduates know what they want to be, and pursue a professional qualification. This can be

done full time, or part time. In fact, many employers will be willing to support graduates during their

study, both commercially, and by giving them time off work to study. A professional qualification can

set the foundation for success in a number of careers such as accountancy, marketing, and, audit. If

this is of interest, please do take a look at our professional courses.


We have set out the main options available for graduates. Post-graduation is a competitive time and

lots of people will be vying for graduate roles, and internships. Whilst you are probably in the midst

of finals, if you can find any spare moments to make applications and consider your next couple of

years, it would be time well spent. Good luck!

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