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Five traits of highly successful digital marketers

Posted on June 5, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Nick Cassells


Digital marketing is an essential resource for all marketers reaching out to their target market in the

modern world. Whereas all marketers need a solid footing and qualification in marketing, online

promotion asks for specific niche skills. Highly-successful digital marketing professionals all tend to

have that same character make up:


1. Logical strategists

In the 21 st century you not only have numerous channels for marketing, but also there are so

many devices in which to access the channels (mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop etc.) A digital

marketing expert needs to be able to bring all those sub-goals and sub-budgets in order to

effectively measure on-going performance for positive results.


2. A passion for learning about new technologies

Digital technology never ceases to evolve and create new and even better programmes even

before you have probably downloaded the last application you just bought. There is a real

need to keep up with what is cutting-edge, trending and how the industry can be mastered

for better results. This calls for a lot of dry research, white papers and reading – so there

needs to be a genuine passion for the subject matter.


3. Analytical minds which allow for data analysis

Online campaigns are reviewed through statistical data. That data can be coming from

numerous different campaigns and presented in startling different ways. A digital marketer

needs to be able to comprehend the basic metrics in order to understand how the various

strings of data form a larger picture.


4. A passion for the written word

Content is king on the internet. The search engines only read text and since Google

tightened up on SEO issues, good quality content is at the core of all brand channels. So the

successful marketer is passionate for text, and has an eye for how it can be used most

effectively over numerous channels.


5. Courage and foresight

Digital marketing campaigns notoriously take a long time to come to fruition. The resulting

data needs to be nurtured and boundaries of individual segments need to be tempered and

streamlined while financial investment is made. The successful marketer has the courage to

endure the journey and is astute enough to make informed choices.

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