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CFOs of the Future

Posted on June 27, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Aimee Mhaolcraoibhe


Roles of the future are changing and that of the CFO is no exception. In addition to the ability to read

and understand analytics and how to employ effective people management skills, a bigger emphasis

will be placed on monitoring and implementing disruptive technology when it occurs.


Understanding analytics

With the high level of technological progress that is happening across every industry, any company

that did not consider those changes could not hope to compete. As such, analytical grasp has

become central to the role of a CFO in determining when to partner with other businesses and when

to change internal operating processes. The ability to take analytical results to both read and

implement will be important.


Effective people management skills

The contemporary employment market is changing to include more contractors and at home

workers. This mix of in house and outsourced employees is something that future CFOs will have to

consider carefully in order to find the correct balance for their business.


Monitoring and implementing disruptive technology

Technology can create situations where traditional means become obsolete or uncompetitive and a

base understanding of disruptive technologies as well as ongoing research into the field will be a

necessary role in future CFOs. Not only being able to identify, but the ability to use the technology

will also be important. Data management in particular has been noted as an area that will change for

future CFO’s and integrative data management will be a necessity for any large corporation or even

small business to stay competitive.


Excellent analytical skills

The future role of a CFO will still have company finances at the core but the way in which the

information is derived will create a new type of CFO that has both financial and technological skills.

Excellent analysis skills will be required for CFO’s to understand the non-financial aspects of the

company such as the value of their intellectual property or their intangible assets.


With all of the new focus in the role of a future CFO it is interesting to note that the professionals

still suggest the most important skills any CFO could have, now or in the future, is a broad range of

finance based knowledge. Gaining related qualifications is a foundation move for any person that

envisions themselves in the role of a CFO. Above all, gaining a healthy balance of traditional skills

and technological as well as analytical skills is key.


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