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Three steps to climb out of a career rut and into your dream job

Posted on May 12, 2016 11:37 am;

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By Erika Murigi


It’s Sunday evening. You feel sick to the stomach when the thought of returning to work on Monday morning

crosses your mind. You think of your career and the words tedious, boring and endless beat your brain. You

can’t remember the point at which your dream job became such a downer. Sound familiar? Chances are,

you’re stuck in a rut.


A career rut can be easy to slide into but a bit more troublesome to climb out of. Don’t despair, however. If

you’re reading this and recognize that you’ve slid into a serious case of work blues, there’s a few things you

can do to get out of the rut and back in the game.


Identify what went wrong

Before you make any drastic changes, figure out exactly what it is about your career path that you’ve come to

despise. Is it the commute to your job? Your role lacks responsibility and isn’t challenging enough? You don’t

get on well with your coworkers? These types of problems are not necessarily down to your career choice and

can be resolved by having an honest conversation with your boss, finding a job closer to home or settling any

conflicts with colleagues. If your reflections point more to a dislike about the type of work you’re doing, then

it’s time to take a different direction.


Research your move

Perhaps you chose a career as a graphic designer but would rather work with numbers. It’s great that you’ve

identified the reason for your rut, now it’s time to research how you can make that career move. If you’re

thinking about a complete career overhaul, retraining may be the way forward. If this is the case, research

your desired career, identify what training is required and find a reputable provider.


Stay focused

All this research should have you ready to get started. Whatever your course of action, it may take weeks or

months to carry out. To maintain momentum, keep things around you - a picture or motivational note - to

remind you why you made the move. If you’re retraining, your instructors and other like-minded students will

help you stay on course. Even if you have to stay in your current job while transitioning to a new career, the

process of action will help you climb out of the rut and onto the path of your dream career.


If you’re planning a career change, and retraining is the way to go, why not take our quiz

to discover which professional certification is right for you!

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