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Five deadly marketing mistakes to avoid in 2016

Posted on May 16, 2016 4:00 pm;

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This year, take stock of bad habits and dead-end marketing techniques. Just a few changes and

tweaks to mind-set, approach and processes can make a huge different to outcomes. Here are a few

notorious “Don’ts” to set the ball rolling:


1. Don’t waste quality content

Take into account that you do not need just good writers but expert researchers who have a

mind for marketing in order to create engaging content which is likely to convert and also

avoid copyright issues.


Consider how quality content can be distributed easily across the net and will go one step

beyond your competition. Whereas on-going articles are the face of your brand,

whitepapers, e-books and newsletters capture contact addresses, enhance brand awareness

and loyalty and offer further recognition of your brand as an industry leader.


2. Don’t forget the UX factor

When analysing data from marketing campaigns it is all too easy to become too reliant on

the figures in front of you. Lead generation needs to be matched with how the landing pages

are converting. Are the pages easy to navigate? Does the text engage? Does the text from an

ad reflect the landing page?


3. Don’t drown in unmanageable data

Even one digital campaign can lead to a horrendous amount of data. When there is too

much data there is a tendency to see only the overall goal instead of the essential detail

which needs to be streamlined. If you have individual marketers working on separate

campaigns, ensure they summarise results to allow you to see performance quickly.


4. Don’t work in isolation

Marketing goes hand in hand with selling and advertising. In the larger corporate

organisations, and especially when immersed in specific digital sub-goals you can lose track

of the overall company goal. Working with parallel departments within the company not

only keeps the ultimate goal in focus it also allows for a sharing of talent and knowledge.


5. Don’t stay static

New technologies are coming into existence all the time - smart apps to streamline

campaign techniques and also as more effective campaign vehicles. When things are going

well there is a tendency to stick with tried and tested activities but keep an eye on and train

for the new and stunning innovations, otherwise you will eventually fall behind the


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