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5 essential steps for developing an effective digital marketing strategy

Posted on May 26, 2016 4:00 pm;

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By Nick Cassells


Advances in digital technology gives us all the joy of being able to communicate and buy favourite

products and services in a micro-second anywhere in the world. A crucial tool for marketers, the

choice of channels, applications and resulting data can seem pretty awe-inspiring at first. But for

every successful campaign there is a clear process with well-defined steps:


1. Know your target market

Before you even put your mind to the world of digital media you need to understand your brand

demographic. It is only when you understand who they are, where they are, and their relationship to

online media that you can go on to determine how they are likely to prefer to communicate, contact

your company and buy your services and products.


2. Determine channels and devices

The digital world offers a multitude of different channels in which an organisation or business can

communicate with its customer. In order to choose the most effective for your brand you need to

understand which channel your client is most likely to engage with. Usually there will be more than

one channel so it is a case of adapting campaigns to meet the communication structure of each. Also

ensure your campaign can be accessed on all devices your target market is likely to use.


3. Set measurable goals

Everyone wants more leads, more conversions and enhanced brand awareness, but unless you

clearly state how that is measurable at the outset of your campaign your aims become vague,

budgets disappear and data becomes unfathomable. Plan from the start for specific measurable

goals where data will inform and guide your budget.


4. Effective and consistent material for all channels

Fundamental to online marketing is quality content and online media eats up good material at a

frightening rate. You therefore need to use clever strategies to use content in the most cost-

effective and engaging way. For instance, website articles can also be distributed over social media,

they can be used in newsletters, and repurposed for whitepapers and as the core of e-books.


5. Track, measure and monitor

Online campaigns do not usually come to fruition overnight and need heavy data analysis, an

understanding of metrics, constant adapting for better performance married with an astute feel for

the budget.


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