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4 Guaranteed Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Posted on May 24, 2016 4:00 pm;

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Often when we start a new job or take on a new challenge, the initial enthusiasm gives us motivation in

abundance. New surroundings and obstacles to be overcome focuses our attention and piques our

interest. However, the initial honeymoon period tends to quickly wear off and what was once fresh and

exciting can quickly descend in monotony and drudgery.


Maintaining a sufficient level of motivation to ensure not only a level of contentment and personal

happiness, but also an acceptable level of performance, is therefore key in this situation. Fortunately,

there are many ways to help achieve this, and here are a few of most important.


1. Rewards and punishment

Set yourself up with a carrot-on- a-stick. Whether it’s buying something that you’ve always wanted and

simply treating yourself to an indulgent lunch, setting yourself a reward for good performance is an

excellent means of helping to ensure you remain motivated. Likewise, set yourself a punishment for

slacking off to double the efficacy of this strategy.


2. Healthy living

This is often overlooked. Our psychological disposition is, to a significant and under-appreciated extent,

dependent on nutrition and physical health. Eat correctly, take quality supplements and exercise

regularly. This is guaranteed to improve your mood and outlook, and a knock-on effect of this is in

dealing with drudgery and stress much more easily.


3. “No pain – no gain”

A tired cliché without a doubt, but one that is nevertheless worth keeping in mind and using as a mantra

to keep yourself motivated. Don’t just accept this as an unfortunate fact of life – embrace it

wholeheartedly and learn to pride yourself on your ability to deal with whatever adversity you

encounter. Challenging and pushing yourself to new levels of discomfort is character-building and will

serve you well in all aspects of life.


4. Habits over willpower

Rather than trying to force yourself through whatever tasks you have set yourself through pure force-of-

will, try to do this by forming productive habits instead. This approach is much less exhausting and

beneficial as you are essentially programming yourself to behave and work in a certain way as second-


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