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The Role of HR in Strategy Development and Business Success

Posted on March 29, 2016 12:50 pm;

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Business success is dependent on many factors, one of which is having the right business strategies to

achieve your goals. However, it takes more than just the right strategies; what your organization really

needs to do in order to achieve success is to mobilize your people in the implementation of these


And who can do a better job of moving people to action than the Human Resources department? This is

why it is important for HR to not only be involved but to actively come up with strategies that are

aligned with the company’s goals.


Why not start by addressing some key questions, such as:

  • How will you face competition?
  • Which activities would serve as a driver of your success as an organization?
  • What steps will you take to implement your HR strategies?
  • What kind of business does your organization have, and which practices will work for this kind of business?
  • Which skills do your staff need as you implement those strategies?
  • Which programs and initiatives do you need to attract, retain and develop people with these skills and capabilities?

These will not only help you get a clearer vision on the company strategies but they will also help you in evaluating the right HR strategies and resources needed to out them into action.

How your HR Strategies will Affect the Business

Traditionally offering just support services, HR is now being pressured to bring about a direct impact on

business outcomes by:

1. Developing an innovative employer brand. Every business aims to attract top talent. How do

you do that? By creating an exemplary employer brand for example. This can be done by

marketing your company as the best place for employees to work and build a career in.


2. Leading change initiatives. The market and the industry are constantly changing; for your

business to survive, it must adapt to these changes and change can only happen through your

people, who require skills and resources only you can provide through training programs and

similar initiatives.


3. Making performance management processes fit for purpose. HR must examine, assess and if

possible recreate their functions in order to achieve effectiveness and accountability in

producing measurable results through their hiring, training and performance monitoring



Developing sound and effective HR strategies are essential to business success. As a department, you

and your teammates must assert your capability and reputation by designing HR strategies that are in

line with your company goals and schemes. This will not only help you achieve HR success but will

ultimately positively contribute to a sound strategy implementation and to achieving overall business



Want to delve deeper and learn how to implement an effective HR strategy that will stand the test of

time? Why not attend Morgan’s HR Strategy Development and Design Workshop taking place on 27 &

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