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Programmatic: A New Advertising Era

Posted on January 19, 2016 4:51 am;

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By Nivine Moussa 

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about a somewhat new advertising process called 'programmatic advertising' (although it dates back as long as Google AdWords); programmatic advertising is a revolution in the way online space is traded.

So what is it exactly?

Simply put, it is the buying of media spaces in real time with the support of an algorithm that will get marketers their message to the right people at the right time (the promise). But why the shift to such a robotic approach you may ask? Well, a recent poll* showed that 94%of digital marketers are concerned about the ROI and the channel credibility as they fear “click fraud”.

The advantage of programmatic advertising is in targeting your audience according to their interests, gender, age and whether they happen to be visiting certain webpages by using data from cookies on websites, so your ad will appear directly to the people who might be interested in your brand.

Programmatic gives you the power to reach a wider audience without loosing the personal touch. 

Want to give programmatic a go? Here are your three steps to optimizing your programmatic advertising efficiency all while protecting your brand:

1- Be informed: Marketers should learn the technical jargon such as: DSPs, SSPs and DMPs. Always  stay updated with the latest technologies, news and case studies in this field in order to increase your ROI.

2- Hire experts: Get the right people with the right technical expertise. In this digital age, it is no longer about securing media deals at the lowest costs, with programmatic you need to be technically adept, the trick is in selecting the right criteria to target your audience.

3- Protect yourself: Respond to threats by using services that offers brand protection by verifying ads and viewability of data.

“If you only talk to people you already have a relationship with, you will end up with no customers” - Casper Schlicktum

So why not get cracking on programmatic today?

Poll reported in eMarketer 23 June 2015,'


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