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What should I take with me to the exam?

Posted on November 29, 2015 9:10 pm;

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Bringing ID with you is essential, but you’ll need to make sure it consists of the following: a valid primary form of identification that includes a recent photograph and signature (this could be a driver’s license (except in China), passport, military ID, company ID (except in China), or state ID), and a valid secondary form of identification that includes your signature (such as a credit card, check cashing card, citizenship card, APICS membership card or another ID from the primary list). If you fail to bring the correct form of ID with you, you won’t be allowed to enter the test center and you will lose the full exam fee. Temporary forms of ID are not accepted. Additionally if the spelling of your first and last names does not match the way they are spelled on your ID then you will also be denied entry.

You can also bring with you a simple, nonprogrammable calculator but please note that an online computer calculator is also available during each computer-based exam.

Books that contain the literal translation only (as opposed to a description) of English words into a candidate’s native language are the only written materials allowed into the exam room. If you wish to bring any such book with you, you’ll have to have it inspected by the test center manager before you are allowed in.

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