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The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

Posted on November 3, 2015 8:19 am;

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By Bob Sabra
Digital Business Manager at Morgan International 

If you haven’t heard of the term “Personalised Marketing” or “Optimised Content Strategy” yet then you’re missing out.

These terms are the next big thing in the world of Digital Marketing as they represent a new way of perceiving consumers and tailoring approaches based on their behaviours.

The idea here is the following:
Imagine visiting a clothing store to buy a couple of items of your liking. Say you normally are interested in a very specific type of jeans. But on that day you couldn’t find anything that fit your needs and so left the shop empty handed.

The next day, you receive an SMS from that shop, notifying you that a new collection has arrived featuring the type of jeans you were looking for. You will definitely open the SMS, read it and find the time to pass by again. Why? Simply because it answered the core of the need YOU had WHEN you had it... and not the general interest that you and every other customer has for that shop.

What would the traditional approach have been?

You would have received an SMS when the next summer collection comes in, asking you to drop by and check it out.
The vagueness of this SMS might not have enticed you to open it, let alone exerting the effort to find time to visit the shop again in search for your original need. Well, simply because it’s too vague and it doesn’t attend to the specific want you had at that point in time.

Okay this might not be the perfect example, but think of it this way: The more you can channel your marketing communication as personalised messages to every one of your consumers, the more likely you are to increase the level of engagement of those consumers.
How about your own email inbox and feeds – aren't you more likely to notice updates that are relevant to you as opposed to something that is too general? Now take that impact and multiply it by 10 when it comes to mobile. It's your most personal space and anything that is not directly related to who you are or what you want will immediately stand out as "spammy".

Okay, that's really cool. But it sounds too hard to achieve... "How can I put this concept into action" you might ask yourself.

Well, thanks to digital marketing's latest technologies, with a mixture of the right tools and the correct approach, you will be set in no time.

When it comes to digital marketing, focus is key.

Here are your top 3 steps for a winning personalised marketing strategy:

1. Define your Buyer Personas: The goal is to understand your consumer: their demographics, behaviours, likes and dislikes.There are tons of free resources on creating buyer personas out there, and one that I particularly like is Hubspot for its easy guides and ready-to-use templates. You can start off with surveying a couple of existing customers as they make the best representation of who you want to target.

2. Find the right tools: First you'll need a smart CRM that will allow you to define your customer lifecycle and associate different criteria with various steps of the cycle. My favourite one is currently Administrate. Then find yourself a nice digital marketing automation tool that can execute different actions based on the data collected. It could be something like "send email 1 when this website visitor tweets a sentence that includes the word X".

3. Set up your content engine: A content engine is the real deal in the era of digital marketing. Not only it helps you differentiate yourself from others by producing authentic and relevant content that is useful to your audience, but it also enhances your online presence on all levels. From organic ranking to social presence to brand equity, having a solid content engine will boost your digital marketing presence big time. Just make sure to be contextually relevant when you are tailoring a piece of content for a specific persona.

Finally, start your digital marketing campaigns, but don't forget to identify the personas you are targeting, set the lifecycle of the campaign and define the interactions you would like to get as an end-goal.

Well, that's not all. We will dig deeper into this topic and many others during our next Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course in Beirut. One of them will be how websites will take advantage of content optimisation strategies and employ it in function of generating more opportunities and sales. Stay tuned...

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