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The Dynamic Role of an FMP

Posted on March 8, 2015 1:36 pm;

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You’ll be surprised. A facility management professional is many things to many people, and it’s a career that can never be boring. Just take a look at some of the things this dynamic role involves.

Managing the workplace environment

OK, this is the most obvious part of the FMP’s role. But what does it involve? Read on to find out.

Supporting people

You provide employees with the things they need to do their job well. In other words, you’re their support function. At any minute you could get a call, an email or a knock on your door with a request for help, and it’s your job to handle it with a smile.

Supporting growth

For any organization to grow it needs the right facilities and it needs the right balance between costs and revenues. As an FMP you are a key player in ensuring all of those things exist.

Behind the scenes mastermind

If everything is running smoothly, you can thank the FMP.  You’re the behind the scenes mastermind who knows how to keep everything running the way it should.

Handling the details – all of them!

You have to know the organization from the top to the bottom and inside out. You’re a details-oriented person who knows how to get the best out of every aspect under your control.

Keeping everybody happy

People come to you because they know you’re the person who can get things done. And it’s your job to handle their requests in a way that keeps everyone smiling.

Achieving results

It’s not enough to keep everyone happy. You need to also perform in your role so that tangible results are delivered.

Lowering costs

Keeping costs down is one of the key areas in which you’ll need to deliver. You’ll need to demonstrate your keen sense of business in this role.

Minimizing risks

There are environmental and legal aspects to the management of facilities, and it’s your job to navigate the requirements and minimize the risks that these involve.

Spotting opportunities

You’re not just managing the assets that your organization owns, you’re also keeping a sharp eye out for opportunities that you can bring onboard to cut costs or add value to the way things are run.

Keeping track

You need data to back up your performance and prove that your organization’s assets are being used to their best potential. You’ll need to be a meticulous record-keeper in your role.

Keeping cool

With so much to handle and so much to think about, you’ll need a personality that can keep cool under pressure.

Handling emergencies

You are a quick thinker who uses their cool head to make sure that no matter what happens, there’s always a Plan B in place to make everything OK.

Finding solutions, fast

You’ll need to react quickly to requests. You’re the go-to person for problem solving, and you’re the one who can and should make it all happen.

Communicating insight

You have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the organization, and you are also tracking trends, identifying potential risks and more. All of your insight needs to be shared with top management, bringing your communication skills to the fore.

Being a tech wizard

Well, not quite, but you’ll need to know how technology can be harnessed to work in line with your organization’s goals of minimizing costs and boosting revenues.

Being a real estate expert

Since a big part of your role involves managing facilities, your real estate expertise is brought to the fore.

Being a leader

You’re also a project manager, using your leadership skills to ensure processes are on time, on budget and comply with regulations.

Targeting sustainability

You’re an environmental steward, guiding the organization forward in a sustainable manner. That also means you’re conscious of your organization’s environmental footprint and energy efficiency.

Adding value

With all of these amazing skills, it’s no wonder you add value to an organization. By minimizing costs, reducing risks, keeping everything running smoothly and everyone happy, you’re a crucial member of any team. No wonder you want to be an FMP.

You can become an FMP too! Find out how here.

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